Gender-based Violence and HIV: A Literature Review

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This is a review of publications addressing aspects of the intersection between gender-based violence (GBV) and HIV.

Initially, this review was concerned with bringing together literature which integrated sexuality and human rights to contextualize the relationships between HIV and GBV. However, so few articles were found that included attention to attention to either human rights or sexuality in their approaches to how these epidemics are linked, and how they could be jointly addressed, that the review was broadened accordingly. Key studies and academic articles that have examined the connections between gender based violence – whether sexual in nature or not—and HIV/AIDS are organized with the aim of stating clearly what is known and not known about the relationship of violence to HIV/AIDS and HIV/AIDS to violence. Thus, this publication aims to highlight recent findings on the relationship between GBV and HIV/AIDS, so as to advance previous commentary on the complex factors that influence the transmission of HIV and the impact of HIV/AIDS. It also aims to inform current knowledge of the aspects of HIV and GBV that require further study. It is intended as a resource for all engaged in researching, designing, implementing or evaluating GBV or HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment approaches.

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Authors: Shahira Ahmed, Rosario Cartagena, Jessie Evans, Laura Ferguson, Susana Fried, Sofia Gruskin, Mindy Jane Roseman, Alexis White
Published By: Harvard School of Public Health
Date: August 1, 2006
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