From Conception to Realization: A Human Right to Health (Letter to the Editor)

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“John Arras and Elizabeth Fenton are, it seems, trying to write a provocative piece (“Bioethics and Human Rights: Access to Health-Related Goods,” Sept-Oct 2009). Sharp digs at the United Nations generally and the World Health Organization specifically, quick observations about commentators that lend support to their positions with inadequate attention to more nuanced writings, and sweeping generalizations about the nature of human rights and about those academics and practitioners working in the area all make for lively reading. Reaching beyond the rhetoric, however, one is left to conclude, after many pages of reflection and at times inchoate attack, that human rights may offer something important to bioethics, as long as it does not take away from what bioethics has to offer. But is this really a contentious position?”

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Authors: Sofia Gruskin
Published By: The Hastings Center
Date: May 1, 2010
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