Using human rights for sexual and reproductive health: improving legal and regulatory frameworks

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The world health report 2008 draws attention to the significance of policies for achieving primary health care objectives, including both those necessary to make health systems function properly and those beyond the health sector that contribute to health.1 This emphasis is welcome, in particular the inclusion of policy beyond the remit of the health sector. The report adopts an inclusive approach to “policy” – incorporating not only policy but also law, regulation, intervention and even practice. While the term human rights is not used, a concern for human rights permeates much of what is presented both in terms of inequalities highlighted and the approaches suggested to address them.

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Authors: Jane Cottingham, Eszter Kismödi, Adriane Martin Hilber, Ornella Lincetto, Marcus Stahlhofer, Sofia Gruskin
Published By: World Health Organization
Date: June 3, 2010
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