Smokeless Tobacco and Health: The AHA Statement: “Just Say No”

This publication co-authored by USC Institute for Global Health Director Jonathan Samet examines cigarette smoking being the predominant form of tobacco use for more than a century, and smokeless tobacco use has increased, particularly in rural areas and among males. This new statement is published as smokeless tobacco products are proliferating and the marketplace for nicotine-containing products is becoming increasingly diverse. One motivation for the tobacco industry to market smokeless products is the increasing coverage of the population by smoking bans, which are known to motivate less smoking and increased quitting

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Authors:  Samet JM,
Published By: American Heart Association
Date: September 10, 2010
Publication Link:;jsessionid=W0THy9Qq2LH1Ckpmml4BsbRmLW7Pnstck0Yb13nVlCCJBGGDbnCn!-396536289!181195628!8091!-1