Mapping of Tools and Strategies on Human Rights and HIV Testing and Counseling: A Bibliography

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This project is part of an initiative led by WHO, in collaboration with UNAIDS and the Open Society Institute (OSI), to create a strategy and tools for policy-makers and programmers to integrate human rights into HIV testing and counseling (HTC) scale-up. As a partner in this initiative, PIHHR aimed to:

  1. Collect publicly available evidence, such as national policies, guidelines, training materials, professional commentaries and research studies on human rights and HIV testing and counseling in facilities;
  2. Conduct content analysis of key documents reviewed and identify the extent to which human rights are addressed in policies, programs, and research discussed in the literature; and
  3. Support the development of policy and program implications and recommendations on integrating a human rights approach in HIV testing and counseling services.

As part of this effort, PIHHR has compiled this bibliography to inform analysis of key findings and recommendations for such work going forward. A report based on the analysis and findings is currently in production.

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Authors: Sofia Gruskin, S. Ahmed
Published By: Harvard School of Public Health
Date: January 1, 2011
Publication Link:,%20Oct,%202009/6%20HIV%20Testing%20and%20Human%20Rights_Bibliography_Final%20Draft.pdf

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