Could secondhand smoke exposure harm the mental health of children?

This publication co-authored by USC Institute for Global Health Director Jonathan Samet investigates more than 4 decades have passed since the first population studies showed that exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS) harmed the health of children. Since then, an ever-lengthening list of adverse effects has been causally linked to SHS. The 2006 Report of the Surgeon General provides the most recent systematic review; the adverse consequences causally linked to SHS exposure of children included sudden infant death syndrome and diverse respiratory outcomes. The evidence related to SHS exposure and cognitive and behavioral development was reviewed and found to be inadequate for drawing any inferences, echoing the finding of the article by Eskenazi and Castorina.

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Authors:  Samet JM
Published By: JAMA Pediatrics
Date: April 16, 2011
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