USC Institute for Global Health presents at 4th Annual Conference of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health

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Faculty from the USC Institute for Global Health and its Program on Global Health & Human Rights presented at the 4th Annual Conference of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health, which took place March 14 – 16, 2013, in Washington, D.C.

CUGH is an association that builds collaborations among interdisciplinary university global health programs working across education, research and service. Each year, the organization holds annual conferences that bring together committed leaders, professionals, educators and students from diverse fields to explore, discuss and critically assess the global health landscape.

In line with the official theme of “Global Health: Innovation | Implementation | Impact,” Heather Wipfli, IGH associate director; Sofia Gruskin, GHHR director; and Laura Ferguson, assistant professor, presented the following to participants from around the world:

Heather Wipfli: 

  • “Less than the sum of their parts: assessing the global health impact of college student groups”

Sofia Gruskin:

  • “Access to Justice: Integrating Law, Health and Human Rights”
  • “Using Human Rights Based Indicators To Promote Accountability: Challenges, Promises and Current Efforts”

Laura Ferguson:

  • “Law, Human Rights and Global Health: Moving Towards Accountability”
  • “Defining and implementing the child’s right to health: Issues for consideration”


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