Gendered power dynamics and women’s negotiation of family planning in a high HIV prevalence setting

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In sub-Saharan Africa, high burdens of HIV and unmet need for contraception often coexist. Research emphasizes the need to engage men and couples in reproductive health, yet couples’ negotiations around fertility and family planning in the context of HIV have been sparsely studied.

This study, published in Culture, Health & Sexuality in October, examined the gendered power dynamics that frame women’s and couples’ negotiations of contraceptive use in western Kenya. The study findings highlight the tension between male dominated reproductive decision making and women’s agency and point to the need for gender transformative approaches seeking to challenge masculinities that negatively impact health.

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Authors: Harrington EK, Dworkin S, Withers M, Onono M, Kwena Z, Newmann SJ
Publication: Culture, Health & Sexuality
Published: Oct. 26, 2015
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