Experts discuss Global Fund objectives

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Professor Laura Ferguson traveled to Geneva, Switzerland,  April 14-15 to participate in the meeting “Scaling up programs to reduce human rights barriers to HIV, TB and malaria services and increasing the evidence of their health impact” jointly organized by the Global Fund, UNAIDS and the Open Society Foundations.

The meeting objectives were to obtain input from participants on operationalizing the Global Fund’s strategic objectives through 2022 and to explore the impact of human rights programs on these objectives.

The Global Fund is focused on how best to contribute to an effort to increase the evidence of human rights program impact and scalability, and aims to scale up such programs in order to reduce human rights barriers to services, including programs to address gender inequality and gender-based violence.

As part of a Davos-style panel, Dr. Ferguson presented on current efforts and methods to increase the evidence of impact of human rights programs.

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