06/23/16 – Future of Academic Research and the Future of Health Practice: What will it take to be Successful in the Information Age: from Funding to Research to Modern Scholarly Communications?

Success as an academic researcher or as a health practitioner has never been easy. There is little doubt that it has gotten harder and that the trend will continue. As a global company deeply engaged with academic research, medical training and practice (from STEM education to Early Career Researchers to Scholarly Communications and Information Sharing, to Medical Education and Practice, as well as Governmental and Institutional research Strategy, Management and Rankings), Elsevier enjoys a privileged position and holds information to produce unique and helpful insights. In an era of hyper-competitiveness and consolidation, Elsevier recognizes that it has unique capabilities and a high level of responsibility to do what it can to grow and improve academic research and health education and practice. It recognizes that it can’t be successful if research universities and academic health centers are not also successful. Elsevier will share what it is seeing in terms of innovations that are likely to drive success, what it is currently doing to advance these plans for the future. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion.

Monday, June 23
9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.
Eli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center Auditorium, 1st floor conference room
USC Health Sciences Campus

For more information, contact Rosary Videc at (213) 740-6709 or videc@usc.edu.