Training the Next Generation of Global Health Experts: Experiences and Recommendations From Pacific Rim Universities

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A study published in Globalization and Health June 23, 2016, found growing demand for global health across the Pacific Rim and suggests universities increase educational and training opportunities in this field.

Researchers from the Association of Pacific Rim Universities Global Health Program conducted an online survey of 12 higher education institutions in the Pacific Rim spanning 2005 through 2011. Program administrators provided data on program concentrations, student enrollment and student funding opportunities for 41 public health programs, including those specific to global health.

The study found the most common degree offered was the Master of Public Health and that demand for global health education was evident. Enrollment in global health programs increased more than three-fold between 2005 and 2011, yet few institutions had specific global health programs or offered training to undergraduates. Funding for student scholarships was also lacking.

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Authors: Mellissa Withers, David Press, Heather Wipfli, Judith McCool, Chang-Chuan Chan, Masamine Jimba, Christopher Tremewan, Jonathan Samet
Published By: Globalization and Health
Date: June 23, 2016
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