New global health courses commence online—and around the world

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This semester, two online global health courses are bringing USC students together—remotely—with peers and experts from around the world. Both are co-taught by Drs. Shubha Kumar and Mellissa Withers.

Global Health LIVE!“is a graduate seminar taught for students from universities around the world, including USC, University of California, Irvine; National Taiwan University; and University of Tokyo. First offered in Fall 2015, the course extends global health theory to global health practice, and features renowned global health leaders as guest lecturers to discuss their challenges and successes in the field. Last year’s lecturers included Hans Rosling, Purnima Mane, Al Somer, Larry Gostin and more. View last year’s project videos » | Learn more about the course »

Another online course, “Preventive Medicine 568: Ethical Issues in Global Health” is new in Fall 2016. Like Global Health LIVE! the course includes graduate students from universities around the world. Students from USC, Osaka University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, National Autonomous University of Mexico, and the University of the Philippines (all APRU universities) will participate simultaneously each week for 11 weeks. This online graduate-level seminar course will introduce students to some of the major ethical challenges in conducting global health research and practice using case studies on a range of topics including organ transplantation, clinical trials in developing countries, assisted reproductive technologies, and many more.

These are just a few of the selected online global health courses through USC. For information about additional offerings, please visit USC MPH Online Program.


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