05/09/17 -Toxic Stress, Human Rights and Health Equity: Local and Global Implications for Research

Chronic stress is toxic to human development when adverse childhood experiences such as poverty, poor living conditions, neglect and inadequate health care go unaddressed. Local and global evidence shows that these issues are best addressed through inter-professional teams with expertise in law, medicine, public health and policy. Using CHLA as a case example, this seminar explored local and global content and research priorities for the future.

Alongside this year’s exploration of transgender issues, the USC Law and Global Health Collaboration has encouraged junior faculty and researchers working at the intersection of law and global health to identify new pathways for research.



Rammy Assaf, MD/MPH, MIA | Pediatric Resident at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Ian Henry, JD | Postdoctoral Scholar at Program on Global Health and Human Rights

Tuesday, May 9, 2017