Is populism bad for women’s rights?

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Experts reflected and speculated about women’s rights and reproductive justice under the rule of populist leaders at a University of Geneva event May 17.

Laura Ferguson, associate director of the USC Program on Global Health & Human Rights, delivered a talk at the as part of the panel, “Is Populism Bad for Women’s Rights?” organized by Foraus Genève in collaboration with the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva, and with contributors from the Graduate Institute, the University of Lausanne, the University of Geneva and the journal Reproductive Health Matters,

The talk provided a space to reflect on recent events caused by the rise of populism across the world and the far-reaching consequences these events are having on women.

As this global shift occurs, there is increasing concern about women’s rights globally, including rights relating to sexual and reproductive health and respect for bodily integrity.

The event was a strong call to action to discuss the future of women under the rule of populist leaders. Dr. Ferguson’s talk, “Politics and Populism: Impacts on Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights,” focused on understanding the gendered dimensions of populism as well as the implications on women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights of the policies of the current U.S. administration.

Listen to an audio recording of the event »

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