New Short Course: Human rights & NCDs

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The Program on Global Health & Human Rights has launched a free, open-access short course on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and human rights. 

Designed to boost literacy and support action, the course addresses the links between NCDs, human rights and public health. The course is intended to be a useful resource for advocacy groups, researchers, policymakers, practitioners, students and others interested in exploring and addressing the links between human rights and NCDs.

The course is divided into seven sessions and includes lectures, video links, and access to key documents. Course lecturers include professors Laura Ferguson and Sofia Gruskin, as well as David Patterson (International Development Law Organization) and Marcus Stahlhofer (World Health Organization).

The course can be accessed at, and feedback is welcome.

A flyer promoting the course can be downloaded by clicking this link. Please feel free to disseminate amongst those who may be interested in taking the NCDs and Human Rights Course!

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