New course offers global health education abroad

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A new Problems Without Passports summer course in the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences offers undergraduates the chance to learn about global health governance globally, nationally and locally.

Students enrolled in the summer 2017 course, IR370: Global Governance and Health: From Global to Local, will travel to Switzerland and Uganda, led by Heather Wipfli, associate director of the USC Institute for Global Health.

After a first intensive week preparing at USC, student will travel to Geneva to serve as non-governmental delegates to the World Health Assembly. The final week will be spent in Uganda, where students will observe program implementation in rural community settings and attend specialists’ briefings from government, academic, non-profit, and health professional agencies to learn how global actors influence their health initiatives.

Throughout the trip students will carry out research on a chosen global health priority and work towards the delivery of a substantial research paper with insight collected from each stage of the course.

Learn more about the course dates, syllabus, cost and eligibility on the course website.  To apply, visit

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