Sexual health, sexual rights and sexual pleasure: meaningfully engaging the perfect triangle

To improve sexual health, even in this charged political moment, necessitates going beyond biomedical approaches, and requires meaningfully addressing sexual rights and sexual pleasure. A world where positive intersections between sexual health, sexual rights and sexual pleasure are reinforced in law, in programming and in advocacy, can strengthen health, wellbeing and the lived experience of people everywhere. This requires a clear understanding of what interconnection of these concepts means in practice, as well as conceptual, personal and systemic approaches that fully recognise and address the harms inflicted on people’s lives when these interactions are not fully taken into account. Bridging the conceptual and the pragmatic, this paper reviews current definitions, the influences and intersections of these concepts, and suggests where comprehensive attention can lead to stronger policy and programming through informed training and advocacy.

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Authors: Sofia Gruskin, Vithika Yadav, Antón Castellanos-Usigli, Gvantsa Khizanishvili & Eszter Kismödi
Published By: Sexual & Reproductive Health Matters
Date: April 14, 2019
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