Framing COVID-19 as a health and human rights issue

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In a recent publication in The Lancet, USC Institute on Inequalities in Global Health Director Sofia Gruskin and fellow commissioners of the International AIDS Society-Lancet Commission on Health and Human Rights brought to light the challenges and concerns of vaccine distribution across the world that are posing threats to any success against COVID-19. In an interview with Cristine Hall, Gruskin provides insight into the commission’s work and how framing the issues with a health and human rights lens can help to address inequalities. 

“There’s an opportunity right now to address inequality and the bigger issues it raises about the use and misuse of law as it impacts health; the responsibilities of governments to their most vulnerable communities and to people beyond their borders; and to the mechanisms of accountability.”

 — Sofia Gruskin

Read the full interview here.
Read The Lancet publication here.

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