The Health and Human Rights Oral History Project Launch

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On Dec. 8, the USC Institute on Inequalities in Global Health (IIGH) launched the Health and Human Rights Oral History Project (HHROHP), a growing archive of video testimonies from diverse figures in the health and human rights movement. The project fills a critical gap in the modern history of public health by providing an inside view of the decisions, discussions, and dynamics behind some of the most impactful health and rights interventions of the past several decades.

In this event, IIGH unveiled the first phase of the HHROHP, comprised of 30 long-form oral histories from former staff and grantees of the Open Society Foundations’ Public Health Program (PHP) — one of the many entities to apply an international human rights framework to policy and practice in public health — as well as other key pioneers in the field of health and human rights. The launch event featured lively conversation from student interviewers and select HHROHP interviewees, as well as commentary from scholars and academics about the potential of the archive. This event marked the beginning of an archive that will continue to grow as other organizations, institutes, and individuals are inspired to add their own oral histories that deepen our collective understanding of global public health.

View the recording of the full event below and check out the archive!

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