The University of Southern California has a long legacy of promoting multidisciplinary collaboration. Its entrepreneurial environment propels bold, new solutions for the most intractable challenges facing society.

Blending science, health and human rights with business, art, engineering, law, policy and more, the USC Institute for Global Health uses its unique position to foster the cross-pollination of ideas across the university.


The USC Institute for Global Health aims to improve global health by educating future and current global health leaders, carrying out trans-disciplinary research, and assuring that the evidence collected informs policy and practice to make a difference.

USC’s location in Los Angeles, among the most diverse urban centers in the world and a major center of the Pacific Rim, further empowers our efforts.  Learn more about our work »


  1. Provide leading undergraduate, graduate, and professional education programs in global health.
  2. Develop online and onsite training programs in research methods for low- and middle-income countries.
  3. Expand trans-disciplinary collaboration in global health research and practice.
  4. Consolidate and synthesize evidence-based best practices to inform research, policy and programs.
  5. Enhance the visibility of global health efforts throughout USC.


We encourage three basic concepts in working together for a healthier future:

  1. Learn about the major causes of the current and future global disease and disability burden and what has and has not worked to control the causes of this burden.
  2. Act to treat current and prevent future disease and disability through trans-disciplinary research, raising awareness, and training of the global public health workforce.
  3. Share data and lessons learned to inform policy change and to develop more effective interventions.


The USC Institute for Global Health has leveraged the University of Southern California’s unique strengths and, in a short time, has advanced a broad agenda of training, capacity building, research and policy development. Learn more »

Partners & Collaborators

Because global health challenges require multidisciplinary solutions, the USC Institute for Global Health actively connects a diverse network of partners here at USC and across the nation and world to harness innovative and integrative approaches to global health challenges. Learn more »


The Institute comprises a core multidisciplinary faculty and staff and collaborates with researchers and leaders across USC’s schools. Learn more »