At the University of Southern California Institute on Inequalities in Global Health, leaders work across disciplines to address the disparities, inequalities and broad determinants of health that impact our world. University-wide and driven by excellence in research, education and action, the institute aims to address those issues that are too complex to have a natural home with any single researcher, department or school.

The USC Institute on Inequalities in Global Health fosters inclusive approaches to global health that engage medicine, public health, law, social science, human rights, economics, policy, communications, social work and other fields.

A major international center of research, education and training, USC maintains significant multi-country reach and a strong commitment to globalization. With students representing most of the world’s countries, the USC campus mirrors the global community. Headquartered in Los Angeles, among the world’s most diverse cities and a major center of the Pacific Rim, the Institute cultivates an entrepreneurial environment to propel bold, new solutions for the most intractable challenges facing society.


To work with partners at USC and beyond to address health-related disparities and inequalities, taking a multidisciplinary approach to advance the evidence base about what works, train the next generation of leaders, and inform public policy.



To create a university- and worldwide center of excellence for research, education and action on global health that takes a dynamic and multidisciplinary approach to addressing the health disparities and inequalities that impact our world.



  • Enhance USC’s capacity to conduct and disseminate global health research.
  • Connect students, faculty and thought leaders across the university and beyond who are working in global health, and facilitate the exchange of ideas across disciplines, as well as new projects and collaborations that address inequality.
  • Support and expand creative, collaborative educational efforts in global health.
  • Provide opportunities for students at every level to experience and understand health challenges facing the world’s populations, and to consider new ways to address them.

Education & Training

The Institute for Global Health offers USC students unmatched global health experiences working and researching at every level—from community fieldwork to international agencies. Learn more about global health degrees, training and opportunities »

Global Impact

The Institute for Global Health is committed to diverse and innovative research projects that include strong international partnerships. Learn how we are making an impact around the world »

Program on Global Health & Human Rights

The Program on Global Health & Human Rights is at the forefront of developing practical and effective responses to global public health challenges through the innovative application of human rights concepts and methods to research, policy, capacity building, analytical tool development, monitoring and evaluation. Learn more about the program’s work »

Collaborations & Programs

USC global health faculty are tackling the world’s biggest health challenges. Fostering education and multidisciplinary innovation, the Institute is pioneering approaches and solutions to progress health worldwide. Learn about the collaborations and programs the Institute supports »


Workshops & Conferences

The Institute for Global Health hosts, supports and participates in multidisciplinary research and education workshops and conferences at USC and around the world. Learn more about the Institute’s engagement in local and global conferences and meetings »


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