Susana Soto

Visiting Scholar, USC Institute on Inequalities in Global Health Keck School of Medicine of USC
Medical Student, School of Medicine, University of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia;
Research volunteer, Hospital Universitario San Vicente Fundación, Medellín, Colombia.

Susana Soto is in her last year of Medical School in Colombia and during her degree has had the opportunity to work with vulnerable populations in San Pedro, Turbo and Ituango, Colombia, all of which are rural areas with abuse of human rights and limited access to medical care.

In Turbo she was part of the medical team in charge of birth, sexual and reproductive health of women in gyneco-obstetrics, which is one of the reasons she is visiting USC. Under the direction of IIGH Director Sofia Gruskin, Susana hopes to learn how to apply human rights politics to vulnerable populations and improve health care outcomes as a practitioner.

As part of her studies, she worked on a university project to improve adolescents’ self-care, reproductive and sexual education in schools in Envigado, Colombia and assisted in the creation of family planning to improve children’s development and opportunities in Moravia (neighborhood and old garbage dump of Medellín).

Susana is now involved in medical research as a volunteer with the “Hospital Universitario San Vicente Fundación” located in Medellín Colombia.