Join us for a series of illuminating discussions as the new USC Law & Global Health Collaboration—Global(HEALTH+LAW)—delves into transgender rights, law and global health, and more, in the 2016-2017 year. 


The USC Law & Global Health Collaboration advances scholarship and provides monthly lectures and public discussions at the intersection of law and global health. Virtually all significant global health topics raise challenging issues for the law, which are better understood and addressed when considered from an multidisciplinary basis. The collaboration invites interested students, faculty and staff to partake in a free exchange of ideas and collaboration on these important topics.

Supported by the USC Research Collaboration Fund, Professor Sofia Gruskin, director of the Program on Global Health & Human Rights, leads this collaboration alongside USC Gould Professor of Law and Medicine Alexander Capron and USC Research Professor and Associate Dean of Research Charles Kaplan from the School of Social Work. Subscribe to the listserv to stay up-to-date about future events and activities.

2016-2017 Series

In Transition: Gender [Identity], Law & Global Health

Each month speakers will introduce issues and challenges that arise at the intersection of global health and law, and open the room for conversation. In addition to six discussions focused on transgender rights, law and global health, additional sessions are planned to explore a range of interests. These will be announced throughout the year. Please see detailed event information at the links below and RSVP.


See more information about upcoming events, as well as discussion summaries from previous events, in the posts below.

05/09/17 -Toxic Stress, Human Rights and Health Equity: Local and Global Implications for Research - Chronic stress is toxic to human development when adverse childhood experiences such as poverty, poor living conditions, neglect and inadequate health care go unaddressed. Local and global evidence shows that these issues are best addressed through inter-professional teams with expertise in law, medicine, public health and policy. Using CHLA as a case example, this seminar…
04/21/17 – In Transition: Gender [Identity], Law & Global Health Research Symposium - This half-day research focused symposium is the capstone event concluding the USC Law & Global Health Collaboration’s year-long series focusing on transgender issues at the intersection of law and global health.
03/23/17 – Transgender Youth Care in the New Millennium - The USC Law & Global Health Collaboration apologizes for cancelling, but invite you to please attend on March 23, 2017 as we continue this year's series exploring trans issues at the intersection of law and global health.
01/25/17 – Generating Research to Support Transgender Populations - The USC Law & Global Health Collaboration hosted a discussion on January 25, 2017 regarding ways to generate research to support transgender populations. Professor Laura Ferguson led the discussion.
11/22/16 – Legal and Other Barriers to Protection for Transgender Asylum-Seekers in the US - The USC Law & Global Health Collaboration hosted a discussion on November 22, 2016 to highlight health and rights challenges faced by transgender asylum-seekers in the United States. Professor Niels Frenzen led the discussion.
10/11/16 – Maximizing Sexual Health & Rights of Transgender Populations: The Changing Role of the International Classification of Diseases - The USC Law & Global Health Collaboration hosted a discussion on October 11, 2016 to address the critical role that the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) plays in the health, rights, and lives of trans populations. Expert Sofia Gruskin lead the discussion.
09/13/16 – In Transition: Gender [Identity], Law & Global Health - The USC Law & Global Health Collaboration hosted a discussion on September 13, 2016, to introduce terminology and how legal scholars, scientists, and activists address key topics impacting transgender populations. Experts included Professor David Cruz and Sofia Gruskin.


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