A group of 14 MPH students representing the USC Institute for Global Health at the 65th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, spent the week blogging, tweeting and interviewing from various events. Below is a list of their posts on both the NCD Action Network Blog and the USC Institute for Global Health Student Travel Blog.

Read more about their trip:

NCD Action Network Blog

  1. “The 65th World Health Assembly Begins…NCDs as the new challenge of the WHO” by Irene Esteves
  2. “’Assemblée mondiale de la Santé’: Day 1” by Oubote (Jaja) Sangbana
  3. “NCD targets and goals still under discussion at WHA65” by Miner Ross
  4. “The best days of health are ahead of us” by Megala Sivashanmugam
  5. “If No Action Today, No Cure Tomorrow” by Helen Yue Wu
  6. “NCDs and LGBT issues discussed at the 65th WHA” by Jenny Quynh Nguyen
  7. “Social Justice and NCDs Discussions at WHA 65” by Stephanie Hansen
  8. “Money Won’t Buy Better Health?” by Jennifer Bragg
  9. “World Cup of Health: Day 1 Results” by Benjamin Gordon Pool
  10. “Needed solidarity against tobacco industry intimidation and interference!” by Stephanie Hansen
  11. “Opioid Regulation in the United States” by Cammie Ahles
  12. “Importance of clean cookstoves for NCDs” by Stephanie Hansen
  13. “A Lesson from the African Countries” by Jenny Quynh Nguyen
  14. “Partnerships and Progress” by Irene Esteves
  15. “Panel on the social determinants of health” by Miner Ross
  16. “What Gets Lost in Translation?” by Jennifer Bragg
  17. “Transcript of IFMSA speech at the 65th WHA on Prevention and Control of NCDs” by Jenny Quynh Nguyen
  18. “Youth can and are tackling health issues worldwide” by Nathalie Nguyen
  19. “A Tsunami is Coming” by Natalia Sejbuk
  20. “Deep Thoughts at the WHA” by Jennifer Kotlewski
  21. “Can I have the next dance?” by Megala Sivashanmugam”
  22. “Aging and Health” by Cammie Ahles
  23. “Who’s WHO in WHO Reform” by Hannah Smith

USC Global Health Travel Blog

  1. “Remember the People”: First day at the 65th Annual World Health Assembly!” by Natalia Sejbuk
  2. “First day at the 65th Annual World Health Assembly” by Cammie Ahles
  3. “There’s free food in Geneva???” by Helen Wu
  4. “Listening to the World” by Irene Esteves
  5. “Day two of the World Health Assembly” by Nathalie Nguyen
  6. “Did you know…?” by Oubote (Jaja) Sangbana
  7. “Not the only one here to learn…” by Jennifer Bragg
  8. “Deep Thoughts at the WHA” by Jennifer Kotlewski
  9. “What I learned from the leaders” by Jenny Quynh Nguyen
  10. “Thoughts From the Second Day of the World Health Assembly” by Hannah Smith
  11. “What do we do now?” by Oubote (Jaja) Sangbana


See photos from the students’ trip on Flickr.com.