Course Description

Public Health challenges in the 21st Century include disparities in population health status, new public health stakeholders, evolving epidemiology of disease, increased performance accountability, and heightened expectations for public health system preparedness (NPHLI 2003). Public Health systems must be led by those who have mastery of the skills to mobilize, coordinate, and direct broad collaborative actions within the complex public health system (IOM 2002). The Public Health Leadership & Management Course focuses, therefore, on the knowledge, skills and practical tools needed to direct organizations to successful implementation of institutional vision and overall strategy. It is intended for students who are or will pursue executive and managerial careers in public health and health care settings. The Course is organized into three major Modules – Theories of leadership and management, Analysis of key case studies in public health, and implementation. Each Module offers an applied training opportunity to gain advanced knowledge to build executive and managerial skills. Students will engage in lectures, discussions, explorations, self-assessments, case analyses, practice and application. As students prepare for and enter leadership careers, they face a workplace that is very different from the one managers faced a decade ago and one that will change significantly during their tenures. This course will provide them with the know-how and skills to transfer self-understanding, critical reasoning, and analytical problem solving skills to such rapidly changing environments including visionary skills and emotional intelligence.

PM564 Global Health Leadership and Management: Case Competition 2010

Institute Partners

Case Competition 2010 Winners The 2010 case competition challenged students to act as leadership and management consultants contracted to develop a strategic business plan for Operation Smile to expand its work in a new plastic surgery and burn center in Ethiopia in partnership with Jimma University.

MPH students Jessica Khankhanian and Serena Zhou, members of the winning team, were given the opportunity to travel with Operation Smile to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In the DRC, they helped gather DNA samples and epidemiological information for the Maternal Exposures, Genetic Susceptibility and Environmental Factors in the Etiology of Oral Clefts project.