USC Summer Programs offers high school students a 2-week college experience, Global Health: Disease Detectives—a hands-on course taught by Institute for Global Health faculty—along with up to 20 other 2-week and 4-week course offerings. Courses are interactive, engaging and challenging, allowing students to explore new areas of study or build on their high school coursework.

  1. Benefit from academic instruction and support from faculty and staff
  2. Receive a Certificate of Completion for the 2-week course
  3. Live the Trojan Experience: residential or commuter option

In addition to the academic experience, students will explore the USC campus, attend social activities and participate in excursions throughout Los Angeles. Residential students living on campus experience a unique preview of college life, living in the same residence halls and eating in the same dining facilities as USC undergraduates. Students may also choose the commuter option.

Global Health: Disease Detectives

Interested in health and global issues? Want to make a positive change in the world? This course is for students interested in health and global issues who want to make a positive impact in the world. Global health combines medicine, public health, international relations, economics, and other disciplines to save lives worldwide. In this two-week course we focus on detecting, controlling and preventing disease outbreaks. You will learn the scope and activities of global health, historical and current examples of disease outbreaks, steps in the investigation of disease outbreaks, and lessons in the prevention and control of disease.

  • Class lectures taught by leaders in the field complemented with individual and group assignments
  • Exposure to the variety of academic and career options in the field of global health
  • Skill-building in effectively reading, writing and presenting on global health research topics
  • Hands-on experience in solving global health challenges
Topics of Study:
  • Major disease patterns and future trends around the world
  • Origins of different diseases and how diseases are studied in populations
  • Major stakeholders in global disease prevention and control
  • Key steps in an infectious disease outbreak investigation
  • Public health communication in regards to disease outbreak
  • Career paths in global health

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