Below are a few selected online global health courses USC offers and/or facilitates. For information about additional offerings, please visit USC MPH Online Program.

Global Health LIVE!

Global Health LIVE! is a new and innovative graduate seminar for graduate students that was co-designed by Professors Terry Schmidt (from University of California, Irvine), Shubha Kumar (University of Southern California) and Mellissa Withers (University of Southern California). First offered in 2015, the course extends global health theory to practice. At least three universities (approximately 40-50 students) participate in the course. Universities sign on simultaneously once a week for two hours over 10 weeks through a web-based platform. These live sessions provide a space for students to interact with each other and their instructors, as well as with prominent weekly guest speakers—high-ranking academic, government and non-profit organization leaders and researchers from around the world. The guest speakers present lectures and discuss professional challenges and successes they have faced in their global health careers. One major assignment requires students to work in multi-university groups to produce short final videos outlining global health leadership topics. Learn more »

Preventive Medicine 568: Ethical Issues in Global Health

First offered in 2016, this online global health ethics course taught by Drs. Shubha Kumar and Mellissa Withers universities around the world together for a virtual classroom experience in global health ethics. Students participate simultaneously each week for approximately 10 weeks. Two weeks of introductory lectures, both pre-recorded and live, teach the students core ethics principles. Then, through online trainings, movies, guest lectures and social media, they learn to apply these principles to real-world cases involving such contentious topics as organ transplantation, clinical trials in developing countries, assisted reproductive technologies and more.

High School Short Course: “Disease Detectives: An Introduction to Global Health”

“Disease Detectives: An Introduction to Global Health” is an online short course ideal for students interested in health and global issues and who want to make a positive change in the world. Self-paced over four weeks, the course pays particular attention to one critical aspect of global health:  detecting, controlling and preventing outbreaks of infectious disease.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in this course through a major U.S.-based university. While no course grades or credit will be given, a certificate of participation from USC will be available upon successful course completion. Learn more »

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