Max Factor Family Foundation Public Health Practicum Fellows

A collaboration between the Max Factor Family Foundation and the USC Institute for Global Health from 2013 to 2015, the Max Factor Family Foundation Public Health Practicum Fellowship sponsored students who were completing practicum internships with local health and community organizations in Los Angeles.

2015 Fellows

  • Harris Ahmedan MPH student, interned for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Project NATEENwhere he assisted with program evaluation of initiatives to improve health outcomes among adolescent mothers who suffered trauma.
  • Nicholas Gideon, an MPH student, interned for All for Health, Health for All, a local health center that works primarily with recent immigrants. He worked alongside the chief medical officer to analyze health services offered, identify gaps in care and report on quality assurance in order to ensure the center’s clinical and social care best served its target population.
  • Jiaojiao Song, an MPH student, interned for the American Diabetes Association, Los Angeles office, where she assisted with coordination and evaluation of community health workshops for Latino communities in Los Angeles.
  • Siqi “Winnie” Wu, an MPH student, interned for Asian Pacific Health Care Venture, where she coordinated health workshops on diabetes and self-management for Chinese and Vietnamese immigrant populations in Los Angeles.
  • Sharon Yeou, an MPH student, interned for World Vision International, an international relief and development organization located in Los Angeles, where she assisted research and analysis of the organization’s child service initiatives.

2014 Fellows

  • Laura Castillo, an MPH student, interned for the Healthy Food Healthy Families program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where she coordinated an evaluation of nutritional behavior among the program’s target population to inform future interventions related to nutrition and obesity.
  • Lala Manoukian, an MPH student, interned for the Department of Professional Training and Healthcare Services at the Alzheimer’s Association, California Southland Chapter, where she led an evaluation of the organization’s training services for care staff and provided recommendations for improvement.
  • Amy Maurtani, an MPH student, interned for the Acute Communicable Disease Control division at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, where she gained skills in epidemiological surveillance,  prevention approaches and health education.