In Spring 2012, two courses combined to engage students in a range of databases, texts and digital tools to develop and implement media projects pertaining to global health challenges.

HP 470 – Global Health Case Studies

Case study examination of programs and organizational structure underlying current international efforts addressing problems related to infection disease, chronic disease, global environmental change, emergencies and emerging disease epidemics.

IML 420: New Media for Social Change

Creating real social change through multimedia, working in collaboration with a local nonprofit organization



Below are some examples of video-based digital arguments. Teams of students from both classes were each required to create a short research piece that explored some facet of HIV and the law.

In the video below, students Timo Yates, Otana Jakpor, Todd Choi, and Elisabeth Raff, investigated issues surrounding migrant workers and the spread of HIV:

The video below was produced by students Naman Barman, Vikram Paranjpe, Solanda Lee, and Nina Gertsvolf:

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