Jacqueline Sherris // Health Technologies and Women’s Health Needs in Developing Countries

Jacqueline Sherris FlyerOctober 20, 2010 — Jacqueline Sherris, Vice President of the international nonprofit PATH, presented about improving reproductive health in developing countries and her organization’s experience in developing, testing and deploying key technologies and products in the name of women’s health.

Jacqueline Sherris

Vice President of Global Programs

Dr. Jacqueline Sherris oversees PATH’s global programs, facilitates articulation of program strategies, fosters program collaboration and synergy, models management and performance leadership, and ensures effective program planning, evaluation and impact assessment across the organization. She also serves on Path’s executive leadership team and represents the organization domestically and internationally.

She has more than 20 years of experience in public health. From 2002 to 2007, she served as Path’s program leader for the Reproductive Health Strategic Program, through which she led and expanded the organization’s cervical cancer prevention work, including efforts to increase access to human papillomavirus vaccines in developing countries. Other areas of reproductive health work that grew under her leadership include contraceptive supply security, pharmacist and reproductive health care access, technologies and interventions for women dealing with the consequences of unprotected sex, and integration of family planning and HIV and AIDS services. Prior to taking on the responsibilities of Reproductive Health Strategic Program leader, Sherris led various reproductive health projects and programs at Path.

Sherris received her M.S. in biology and her Ph.D. in science education from Purdue University.