Victoria Hale // Pharmaceuticals for Humanity

Victoria Hale FlyerOctober 18, 2011 — In this lecture, Founder and CEO Victoria Hale discusses how Medicines360 was launched with private philanthropic funding to build a commercially viable social-hybrid business.

Medicines360 is a second-generation nonprofit pharmaceuticals company that evolved from OneWorld Health and works to advance a business model to achieve blended social and financial objectives. Its target market is women’s health, for which opportunities abound. This lecture was co-hosted by USC Marshall School of Business, Society and Business Lab and USC School of Pharmacy.



Victoria Hale

Founder & CEO

Having taken one of the most profitable industries in the world and turned it into a non-profit organization to benefit millions of people in medical need in developing countries, Victoria Hale is truly one of the most innovative activists of our time. When she began her career as a pharmaceutical scientist, Hale knew she wanted to help people, but it was only after a cab driver pointed out to her that the pharmaceutical industry holds all the money (and therefore all the power) that Hale began to think differently about how to make a difference. That difference has now come in the form of the Institute for OneWorld Health, which Hale founded in 2000. The organization targets geographic areas where people are suffering of diseases in higher numbers than in the rest of the world and then partners with drug companies and donors to develop the drugs necessary to serve those populations. In the past decade since Hale founded the organization, the Institute for OneWorld Health has experienced great success – including partnerships with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, research and assistance from universities around the world, and the development and approval of multiple drugs and vaccines for developing countries. For her inspirational achievements, Hale has been recognized as a Schwab Fellow of the World Economic Forum, a MacArthur Fellow, and in 2008 was featured as one of Glamour Magazine’s Women of the Year. Brilliant in her skills as a scientist and unfailing in her loyalty to her cause, Victoria Hale has been saving lives her entire career – and judging by the progress the Institute for OneWorld Health has made in under a decade, it looks like she has only just begun.