2015-2016 USC Global Health Lecture Series

The 2015-2016 USC Global Health Lecture Series featured pioneering experts who are blazing pathways in health and human rights internationally.

Vanessa Kerry // Cultivating an Idea in Global Health: The Links between Health, Service & Diplomacy

September 9, 2015 —Seed Global Health began as an idea borne from a familiar global health quandary: How to strengthen health education and care delivery in countries where health professionals are scarce? (more&hellip... read more →

Panel // Sexuality, Health, and Human Rights: Fulfilling the Promise of Health & Human Rights for All

October 27, 2015 — We are at an important crossroads in the global struggle for sexual and gender-related human rights. This event brought together trailblazing academics, policymakers and activists who continue t... read more →

Stefan Baral // Risks, Vulnerabilities & the Burden of Living with HIV: Understanding the Needs of Key Populations in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

November 4, 2015 —This presentation highlighted data that challenges traditional assumptions about the epidemiology of HIV across lower- and middle-income countries, focusing on sub-Saharan Africa. (more…)... read more →
Rosie Henson

Rosie Henson // Building a Culture of Health Through A Cancer Lens

In this USC Global Health Lecture, Rosie Henson, American Cancer Society Vice President for Prevention and Early Detection, addressed the movement to include cancer in discussions of one of the most pervasive challenges facin... read more →

Jaime Sepulveda // Mexico’s Feasible Path Towards Reducing Premature Mortality

Reducing deaths of mothers and children has been a longstanding priority for Mexico. But new research shows that non-communicable diseases require urgent attention in the country in order to meet is commitment ... read more →
Daniel Tarantola

Daniel Tarantola // Global Health Choices: Disease Eradication, Elimination, Control or Neglect?

Daniel Tarantola, adjunct professor of research in the USC Program on Global Health & Human Rights, worked nearly two decades with the World Health Organization on large-scale international health programs. In this lectur... read more →