2017-2018 USC Global Health Lecture Series

The Death of Evidence: Implications for Global Health

Jonathan Samet // The Death of Evidence: Implications for Global Health

Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017 In this farewell lecture, Jonathan Samet—outgoing director of the USC Institute for Global Health—addressed the changing paradigm of evidenced-based decision-making. Science advances knowledg... read more →

Christopher Golden // Planetary Health: Human Health Impacts of Environmental Change

Monday Oct. 16, 2017 In this lecture, Christopher Golden, associate director of the research consortium Planetary Health Alliance, discussed planetary health, an emergent field that characterizes the human health impacts of b... read more →

Lisa Russell // Narrative Justice: Promoting Responsible Storytelling in Global Health

Lisa Russell, an Emmy-winning filmmaker, presented a workshop and discussion of her GE Healthcare executive-produced film, “Heroines of Health,” in the context of responsible global health storytelling Nov. 14, 2017. (mo... read more →