1,000 Days Facebook Game

The USC Institute for Global Health and School for Cinematic Arts partnered with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition in 2011 to create a global health Facebook game featuring the importance of maternal and child nutrition through ABC’s Be the Change, Save a Life and Million Moms Challenge.Through exploring the complex interactions between global health stakeholders, the players interact with NGOs, government, industry, and the community to implement interventions that will improve the nutrition and livelihood of a family. The Facebook game aims to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition within the first two years of life and to support relevant programs.

Play the game: http://apps.facebook.com/thousanddays


Social Good Summit Launch



  • Status: Complete
  • Investigators: Heather Wipfli
  • Collaborators: USC School of Cinematic Arts, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, ABC’s Be the Change, Save a Life, Million Moms Challenge
  • Location: Los Angeles