Maternal and Child Nutrition and Health Results Project

The Program on Global Health & Human Rights began working on the Maternal and Child Nutrition and Health Results Project with the World Bank in September 2014.

The $8.68 million grant will bring community-based nutrition and primary health care services for women and children to three of The Gambia’s poorest regions to support long-term objectives of reducing maternal and child mortality and under-nutrition.

The project is innovative in combining both supply-side and demand-side RBF mechanisms and engaging directly with communities for ownership of health and nutrition results. Professor Laura Ferguson visited The Gambia in September 2014 to discuss plans with government partners and representatives of the World Bank Group, with whom she conducted field visits to the project area to help plan the forthcoming evaluation. She worked on conducting the impact evaluation with an embedded process evaluation for project, which was implemented by the government of The Gambia. She also provided technical support to the national government for its monitoring and evaluation of health and nutrition in the country. Working with a team of officials, the team revised data collection registers and reporting forms to include key indicators for monitoring maternal and child nutrition and health. The changes are intended to help The Gambia conform to international standards and enable the country to routinely monitor important indicators such as the treatment of syphilis and anemia during pregnancy and skilled attendance at delivery.

Technical Briefs: The Gambia

Impact Evaluation Baseline Reports:

  1. Impact Evaluation Baseline Report: Maternal Health and NutritionMaternal Health and Nutrition [PDF]




Impact Evaluation Baseline Report: Fertility and Family Planning2. Fertility and Family Planning [PDF]





Impact Evaluation Baseline Report: Child Health and Nutrition

3. Child Health and Nutrition [PDF]




Impact Evaluation Baseline Report: Health System

4. Health System [PDF]