transFollowing a 2017 symposium at the University of Southern California, the USC Law & Global Health Collaboration has produced several resources to further the discussion of sexual and reproductive health and rights of transgender populations. This toolkit includes an article and two videos intended for use by transgender activists, lawyers, policy-makers, programmers, epidemiologists, economists, social workers, clinicians and all other stakeholders who want to drive the conversation forward through training, research and advocacy.

Article: “In transition: ensuring the sexual and reproductive health and rights of transgender populations.” A roundtable discussion

In this collaborative discussion published August 2018 by Reproductive Health Matters, experts and scholars contemplate ways to support the needs, rights and health of transgender populations with the goal of identifying advocacy, policy, programming and research.

39830864872_97fb2eea63_o-2The authors include doctoral students, civil society experts and faculty from Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Yale University, University Southern California and others.

“The barriers to overcome are fierce, and include not only lack of access to health services and insurance but also stigma and discrimination, harassment, violence, and violations of rights at every turn,” they write. “Bringing together nine diverse yet complementary perspectives, our intent is to jumpstart a global and multigenerational conversation” among multidisciplinary stakeholders.

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Video: Introduction to ensuring the sexual and reproductive health and rights of transgender populations

This short video highlights the importance of multidisciplinary approaches and collaborations when it comes to ensuring the sexual and reproductive health and rights of transgender populations. The panel of experts introduces themselves and what has brought them to this crossroads in discussing the needs and rights of transgender populations. Useful for raising awareness and sparking interest for people just beginning to engage with this topic.

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Video: In Transition: Gender [Identity], Law & Global Health Research Symposium

This longer educational video features presentations and panel discussions with experts and scholars at USC’s 2017 “In Transition: Gender [Identity], Law & Global Health Research Symposium.” Download the transcript and see participant information below. Useful for classroom discussion and more in-depth conversation amongst advocates and other stakeholders.

Video Transcript: Click Here

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