Student Travel Symposium

The USC Institute on Inequalities in Global Health (IIGH) offers students an array of fellowships, internships, courses and other opportunities. All those interested to learn more about the enriching opportunities that exist through IIGH are encouraged to attend.

Training the Next Generation of Global Health Experts: Experiences and Recommendations From Pacific Rim Universities

Globalization And Health: Partnerships for Global Health

by Mellissa Withers, David Press, Heather Wipfli, Judith McCool, Chang-Chuan Chan, Masamine Jimba, Christopher Tremewan and Jonathan Samet, for Globalization and Health.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights in public health education

By Pascale A. Allotey, Simone Diniz, Jocelyn DeJong, Thérèse Delvaux, Sofia Gruskin, Sharon Fonn, published in Reproductive Health Matters.