Using Civic Imagination to Resist: Envisioning A Future With Sexual and Reproductive Rights

A collaboration between the USC Law & Global Health Collaboration, the Civics and Social Media Group and the Civic Imagination Project on April 18, 2018, this symposium brought USC and area experts and students together to explore new ways of ensuring sexual and reproductive health and rights within the United States and globally, in an increasingly restrictive political climate.

How are Gender Equality and Human Rights Interventions Included in Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes and Policies: A Review of Existing Research Foci and Gaps

by Miriam Hartmann, Rajat Khosla, Suneeta Krishnan, Asha George, Sofia Gruskin, and Avni Amin, for PLOS One .

Sound and Fury—engaging with the politics and the law of sexual rights

Sound and Fury—Engaging with the Politics and the Law of Sexual Rights

By Alice M. Miller, Sofia Gruskin, Jane Cottingham and Eszter Kismödi, published in Reproductive Health Matters.

World Health Organization report focuses on ties between sexual health, human rights and law

(Photo/Valeria Preisler)

In its first report to address sexual health, human rights and the law, the World Health Organization called on policymakers, health care providers, non-governmental organizations and others to remove barriers to information and services. Read more on USC News. (Photo/Valeria Preisler)

Integrating Human Rights in Program Evaluation: Lessons From Law and Health Programs in Kenya

By Sofia Gruskin, Emily Waller, Kelly Safreed-Harmon, Tamar Ezer, Jonathan Cohen, Anne Gathumbi, and Patricia Kameri-Mbote, published in New Directions for Evaluation.

Using human rights for sexual and reproductive health: improving legal and regulatory frameworks

By Jane Cottingham, Eszter Kismödi, Adriane Martin Hilber, Ornella Lincetto, Marcus Stahlhofer and Sofia Gruskin, published by the World Health Organization.