The how: a message for the UN high-level meeting on NCDs

by Kent Buse, Robert Marten, Sarah Hawkes, George Alleyne, Phillip Baker, Fran Baum, Robert Beaglehole, Chantal Blouin, Ruth Bonita, Luisa Brumana, John Butler, Simon Capewell, Sally Casswell, José Luis Castro, Mickey Chopra, Helen Clark, Katie Dain, Sandro Demaio, Andrea Feigl, Patricia Frenz, Peter Friberg, Sharon Friel, Amanda Glassman, Unni Gopinathan, Lawrence Gostin, Sofia Gruskin, Corinna Hawkes, David Hipgrave, Paula Johns, Alexandra Jones, Sowmya Kadandale, Roger Magnusson, Patricio V. Marquez, Martin McKee, Benjamin Mason Meier, Carlos A. Monteiro, Modi Mwatsama, Rachel Nugent, David Patterson, Stefan Peterson, Yogan Pillay, Johanna Ralston, Srinath Reddy, Juan A. Rivera, Sandhya Singh, Sudhvir Singh, Tim Sladden, Richard Smith, Kristina Sperkova, Thaksaphon Thamarangsi, Francis Thompson and Douglas Webb, in The Lancet.

New Short Course: Human rights & NCDs

NCD Short Course

The Program on Global Health & Human Rights has launched a free, open-access short course on non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and human rights.  Designed to boost literacy and support action, the course addresses the links between NCDs, human rights and public health. The course is intended to be a useful resource for advocacy groups, researchers, policymakers, practitioners, … Continue reading New Short Course: Human rights & NCDs

Bringing rights into the fight against NCDs

A new report out of USC uncovers the ways human rights intersect with the world’s leading cause of death: non-communicable disease. Released in November by the Program on Global Health & Human Rights at the USC Institute for Global Health, the report follows up on the May 2013 USC conference “Roles and Responsibilities in Realizing Health and … Continue reading Bringing rights into the fight against NCDs

Experts convene on using human rights to combat chronic disease

In fitness-friendly Southern California, it’s hard to imagine a life where women can’t ride bikes or hit the gym. But until recently, women in Saudi Arabia could do neither. Even with their government’s steps forward in legalizing these activities, Saudi women still face barriers to exercising, despite its proven effectiveness in warding off cardiovascular diseases, … Continue reading Experts convene on using human rights to combat chronic disease