Human rights and the sexual and reproductive health of women living with HIV – a literature review

By Shubha Kumar, Sofia Gruskin, Rajat Khosla and Manjulaa Narasimhan, published in the Journal of the International AIDS Society.

Sexual rights as human rights: a guide to authoritative sources and principles for applying human rights to sexuality and sexual health

By Alice M. Miller, Eszter Kismödi, Jane Cottingham and Sofia Gruskin, published in Reproductive Health Matters.

Sound and Fury—engaging with the politics and the law of sexual rights

Sound and Fury—Engaging with the Politics and the Law of Sexual Rights

By Alice M. Miller, Sofia Gruskin, Jane Cottingham and Eszter Kismödi, published in Reproductive Health Matters.

Why history matters for quantitative target setting: long-term trends in socioeconomic and racial/ethnic inequities in US infant death rates (1960–2010)

By Nancy Krieger, Nakul Singh, Jarvis T. Chen, Jason Beckfield, Matthew V. Kiang, Pamela D. Waterman, Sofia Gruskin, published in the Journal of Public Health Policy.

Reproductive Justice and the Pace of Change: Socioeconomic Trends in US Infant Death Rates by Legal Status of Abortion, 1960-1980

By Nancy Krieger, Sofia Gruskin, Nakul Singh, Mathew V. Kiang, Jarvis T. Chen, Pamela D. Waterman, Jillian Gottlieb, Jason Beckfield and Brent A. Coull, published in the American Journal of Public Health.