Plan C: Reframing Self-Managed Abortion as Empowering Rather than Dangerous

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On February 20, 2020, USC IIGH hosted Francine Coeytaux, Founder, Plan C, for a presentation titled “Plan C: Reframing Self-Managed Abortion as Empowering Rather than Dangerous”

Francine Coeytaux discussed the global history of self-managed abortions using pills, starting in Europe and Brazil and then spreading to Asia and Africa, as well as the restrictions that exist in the US. The talk shed light on why and how access to pills has been limited in the US and what you can do to improve access to self-managed abortion.

Francine Coeytaux
Founder, Plan C

Francine Coeytaux, MPH, has worked for over 40 years to promote comprehensive reproductive health services, including abortion, internationally and domestically. She has pioneered the use of acceptability research to give voice to women and include their perspectives in the shaping of public health agendas. In 2018 she co- Founded Plan C, a groundbreaking campaign that shines a light on the over- medicalization and restrictions around abortion pills and advocates for a safe, effective self-managed option in the US.

This event is presented in collaboration with the Law & Global Health Collaboration.

Presentation Recording

Interview with Francine Coeytaux

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