Beginning in January of 2019, the IIGH Student Advisory Council—comprised of student voices from across the university—are serving as valued advisors to the Institute with unique access and impact on Institute programming and opportunities for students, now and in the future.

The USC Institute on Inequalities in Global Health (IIGH) has brought together a multidisciplinary group of student leaders to serve as the Institute’s Student Advisory Council (SAC). SAC members are responsible for actively informing, shaping and improving student engagement and programming, and will gain valuable experience as well as access to a network of researchers, policymakers and advocates addressing inequalities in global health worldwide.

Council Members:

(coming soon)

Membership Details

Members of the Student Advisory Council are responsible for:

  • acting as advisors to IIGH with respect to future student engagement, programming and events.
  • attending IIGH events with opportunities for exclusive networking access to faculty and visiting speakers.
  • serving as a voice for their respective schools and the broader student body in helping IIGH to better provide opportunities for students from a variety of disciplines, levels of education, both on campus and online.
  • helping IIGH build a multidisciplinary network of student global health leaders across USC.
  • convening each semester on USC’s University Park Campus for a formal advisory meeting with IIGH faculty and staff with additional periodic engagement as needed.

For the current 2018-2019 academic year, member terms began in January of 2019. Starting in August of 2019, member appointments will be for one academic year and renewable.

Eligibility & Selection Process

Currently enrolled full-time USC students from any school, on campus or online, at any stage in their academic career are eligible for nomination. Preference will be given to students with an established academic commitment to global health and addressing inequalities.

The selection process is as follows:

  1. Nominations can be made via the form below. Self-nominations will be accepted, but nominations from faculty are preferred. Please note: Our system cannot accept files; in order to complete the nomination please email the nominee’s C.V. or resume to
  2. IIGH to select and announce new council members on a rolling basis.


I’m a medical student/doctoral candidate. Am I still eligible?


I’m expecting to do a semester abroad or a long trip during the membership period—can I still apply?

You may apply when you come back from your trip/study abroad.

I’m an online student and can’t attend meetings in person. Can I still apply?

Yes! If you are an online student or are unable to attend meetings in person, arrangements will be made so that you are able to attend remotely.

Nomination Form