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  • Interested in learning how drones are used in global health? - This online short course gives an understanding of how drones are being used in public health, with a focus on environmental monitoring and data collection to prevent future pandemics and epidemics. Learners are challenged to consider how drones reduce and/or exacerbate inequalities in global health. The course serves as an introduction to the topic and is intended for individuals and agencies interested in how drones can improve prevention strategies and operations in global health.
  • 2021 USC IIGH Case Competition - On February 19, 2021, 12 teams of five students from across USC competed in the 2021 USC Global Health Case Competition hosted by USC IIGH. The focus of the competition […]
  • Global Health and Human Rights under the New Administration: Steps to Set Priorities for our Collective Agenda - The 2020 U.S. election season has been a highly charged, deeply emotional and, let’s be honest, entirely exhausting experience. Though elections serve as an opportunity for people to indicate their […]
  • A Return to the Unfamiliar: A Time to Act - As we cautiously but optimistically return to the slightest sense of normalcy in the first months of 2021, we are incredibly grateful to our friends, our partners and our colleagues for their critical engagement and support. Even in the midst of the worst pandemic of our lifetime,  the USC community, students, faculty and staff, as well as the broader global health and  development community has banded  together in new and unexpected ways (often on Zoom), worked collaboratively, shared research developments as well as words of encouragement, in ways that help ground our shared ambitions for global health with a sense of shared humanity.
  • USC and IIGH Amref Health Africa – An Inside Look at Our Evolving Partnership - The USC Institute on Inequalities on Global Health (IIGH) has put into place a long-term partnership with Amref Health Africa to use our respective strengths to jointly design and implement […]
  • Getting to the Heart of Stigma: A Key Element of the Global AIDS Response - March 1st was Global Zero Discrimination Day, a day created to remind us of the harm that stigma and discrimination, relating to HIV and other characteristics, continues to cause and the […]
  • The SDG Leadership Academy: Students And the City of Los Angeles Work Towards A Sustainable Future - Over the course of the summer, USC-IIGH sponsored the SDG Leadership Academy. 63 students from four different universities took part in this ten-week internship program in partnership with the Mayor’s […]
  • SDG Leadership Academy: Update - The USC IIGH SDG Leadership Academy, launched last week in partnership with the Office of the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, is providing an opportunity for our students to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the City of Los Angeles.

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