Assessing changes in HIV-related legal and policy environments: Lessons learned from a multi-country evaluation

by Laura Ferguson, Alexandra Nicholson, Ian Henry, Amitrajit Saha, Tilly Sellers and Sofia Gruskin published in PLOS One.

A novel methodology for strengthening human rights based monitoring in public health: Family planning indicators as an illustrative example

Patient education session, Uganda.

by Sofia Gruskin, Laura Ferguson, Shubha Kumar, Alexandra Nicholson, Moazzam Ali and Rajat Khosla, published in PLOS One

A new vision for global health leadership

The complexity of global health problems demands leadership that represents the pluralism in society, according researchers in their Nov. 30 article,  "A new vision for global health leadership" published in the Lancet. The absence of gender parity in the leadership of key global health institutions in academic, governmental, and non-governmental organizations is evidence that this … Continue reading A new vision for global health leadership

Global Perspectives on Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Across the Lifecourse

A collection of research and experiences, the 2018 book Global Perspectives on Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Across the Lifecourse, spotlights pervasive issues affecting girls’ and women’s sexual and reproductive health throughout their lives. Organized into five parts—childhood and emerging adulthood; childbearing; reproductive control; violence; and beyond reproduction—the volume encompasses a lifecourse perspective in understanding women's … Continue reading Global Perspectives on Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Across the Lifecourse

Quantifying underreporting of law-enforcement-related deaths in United States vital statistics and news-media-based data sources: A capture–recapture analysis

by Justin M. Feldman, Sofia Gruskin, Brent A. Coull and Nancy Krieger, published by PLoS Medicine.

The Under-recognized Victims of Trafficking: Deaf Women

Mellissa Withers, assistant professor of clinical preventive medicine, continues her exploration of human trafficking in Psychology Today's series, "Modern Day Slavery." Read the article » Details: Author: Mellissa Withers Published By: Psychology Today Date: September 21, 2017 Publication Link: