Reproductive Justice in the Era of Backlash

The second session of the Spring 2018 semester of the USC Law & Global Health Collaboration focused on reproductive health. Professor Michele Goodwin, who holds the Chancellor’s Professorship at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) with appointments at the School of Law, School of Public Health, and Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies, discussed the … Continue reading Reproductive Justice in the Era of Backlash

How does gender affect health?

6 ways that Gender affects Health

Learn about the relationship between gender and health in this video from Greg Martin, featuring Shubha Kumar, director of USC's Master of Public Health online program. Dr. Martin runs the Global Health with Greg Martin channel on YouTube as well as This Week in Global Health (TWiGH), a weekly global health show where he and … Continue reading How does gender affect health?

Gender, Equity and Rights at the World Health Organization

This month the Program on Global Health & Human Rights commenced a new project with the World Health Organization’s Gender, Health Equity and Human Rights team to assist with mainstreaming equity, human rights and gender within the WHO’s work. The program will focus on human rights, specifically, and examine the distinct qualities, synergies and overlaps … Continue reading Gender, Equity and Rights at the World Health Organization

Gender-based Violence and HIV: A Literature Review

By Shahira Ahmed, Rosario Cartagena, Jessie Evans, Laura Ferguson, Susana Fried, Sofia Gruskin, Mindy Jane Roseman and Alexis White, published by the Harvard School of Public Health.