How are Gender Equality and Human Rights Interventions Included in Sexual and Reproductive Health Programmes and Policies: A Review of Existing Research Foci and Gaps

By Miriam Hartmann, Rajat Khosla, Suneeta Krishnan, Asha George, Sofia Gruskin, and Avni Amin, published in PLOS One .

Human Rights, Gender, and Infectious Disease: From HIV/AIDS to Ebola

Health is a Right

By Stemple, L., Karegeya P., Gruskin, S. , published in Human Rights Quarterly

Non-communicable diseases and human rights: Global synergies, gaps and opportunities

Global Public Health

by Laura Ferguson, Daniel Tarantola, Michael Hoffmann and Sofia Gruskin, published in Global Public Health.

Reproductive justice & preventable deaths: State funding, family planning, abortion, and infant mortality, US 1980–2010

By Nancy Krieger, Sofia Gruskin, Nakul Singh, Mathew V. Kiang, Jarvis T. Chen, Pamela D. Waterman, Jason Beckfield and Brent A. Coull, published by SSM - Population Health.

Applying Human Rights to Sexuality and Sexual Health

Sound and Fury—Engaging with the Politics and the Law of Sexual Rights

The November issue of Reproductive Health Matters featured “Sexual Rights as Human Rights: A Guide to Authoritative Sources and Principles for Applying Human Rights to Sexuality and Sexual Health,” written by Professor Sofia Gruskin and co-authors. The guide seeks to provide insight and resources to actors interested in the development of rights claims around sexuality … Continue reading Applying Human Rights to Sexuality and Sexual Health

Human rights and the sexual and reproductive health of women living with HIV – a literature review

By Shubha Kumar, Sofia Gruskin, Rajat Khosla and Manjulaa Narasimhan, published in the Journal of the International AIDS Society.

Sexual rights as human rights: a guide to authoritative sources and principles for applying human rights to sexuality and sexual health

By Alice M. Miller, Eszter Kismödi, Jane Cottingham and Sofia Gruskin, published in Reproductive Health Matters.