Laura Ferguson discusses HIV, health and human rights with the Harvard Health Policy Review

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Dr. Laura Ferguson, director of research at the USC Institute on Inequalities in Global Health (USC IIGH), speaks with the Harvard Health Policy Review, providing insight into the relationship that human rights have on HIV response across the world. She also shares about ongoing works USC IIGH is conducting in sub-Saharan Africa, in partnership with UNDP, that examines how best to address the legal environment that exists within the context of HIV.

“People often think of health as what happens in the health system and medicine, but our lives are shaped by so much more than that, and unless we get the laws right, the policies right, the systems right, unless we reach all of these different stakeholders in a real human way, I don’t think we can shape the environment that we need to get health right …  Even with the best medicine in the world, the best technology in the world, unless the laws and policies and structures are in place to translate that into reality, we can’t get where we want to be.”

 — Dr. Laura Ferguson

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